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Going, Going, Gone! A Survey of Auction Types

One of the best ways to allocate goods and/or resources is to sell them using free market techniques and ideas. An auction is an excellent method of distributing goods to those who value them most highly. Auctions, however, are far more complex than most people realize.

Kate Reynolds has developed a series of articles for Agorics, explaining different auction types and some of the issues important in determining whether to use auctions and, if so, which kind. What exactly is an auction? You may think you already know. Then again . . .

An Introduction to Auctions

The English Auction

The Dutch Auction

The First-Price, Sealed-Bid Auction

The Vickrey Auction

The Double Auction

Auction Offshoots

Auction Strategies

Auction History

Government Securities--the Scandal of '91

Auction Collusion and Tricks

Auction Bibliography

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