“Dugan and other speakers echoed the idea that the current approach of layering security technology upon security technology will not resolve the problem, but will only result in more complexity.” This article broaches offensive technologies.

“The Pentagon’s far-out research agency and its brand new military command for cyberspace have a confession to make. They don’t really know how to keep U.S. military networks secure. And they want to know: Could you help them out?” Darpa knows about us and I don’t know how they view us.

“Dugan said the current U.S. approach to cybersecurity that layers security on top of a standard architecture is not working.” Enough said.

This lists 8 funded projects. None are like capabilities.

These articles sound like DARPA would consider changes at the foundation. I think that any such projects must do red-team-blue-team analysis at the architectural level. This is to save the time, effort and money of a large project that has flaws obvious to parties of the other specialization.

It has always been the case that hardware is becoming vulnerable in its complexity.