I briefly explore here an alternative to adding sensory keys to the Keykos kernel. I do not advocate doing this but the exercise might elaborate a pattern that might help solve some outstanding problems. Some are curious to know if sensory keys were practically necessary for the factory design.

Some such patterns are suggested in the note on durability. The pattern we explore is in distinct contrast to the pattern of how sense keys support factory requirements.

A trusted segment keeper can produce segments trusted to be read-only and can indeed compose these segments of other earlier such segments. Without this keeper responsibility, segment keepers seldom need the ability to incorporate segments from outside sources. Otherwise it might be that certain segment keepers would be merely relied upon to produce read-only segments.

The advantage of this scheme is that sensory logic is absent from the kernel. The disadvantages are:

These ideas are like some suggested for durable objects where I think that the tradeoff is more favorable.