I claim the following scenario is technically feasible with the possible exception of tamper proof hardware.

A hardware manufacturer M, is trusted by at least some, and delivers ‘boxes’ and claims that they have the following unalterable properties:

This is highly analogous to the boot process. The decrypted program finds itself in a state much like the .program of an instance make by the factory.

If the box maker is honest and competent then the controller of the box is not able to read the program or interfere with its behavior except by interactions of the program via those additional capabilities which the program may, or may not, choose to use. Any modification of program behavior is under explicit control of the program’s reaction to messages received via those capabilities. This is tantamount to the apartment with ‘attestation’ included.

The issue of tamper proof hardware largely disappears if O = M.

This is recursive. It is possible to write a program and encrypt it as above so that it acts as the receptionist of some other class of programs with similar but different protections and opportunities.