Domains vs. Unix Threads & Signals

This seems like a good thread nexus. A Linux Threads goldmine. my intro to threads

Generalities on Threads

There are two kinds of threads about and I don’t know how consistent the nomenclature is at making the distinction. I will call the two Kernel threads and user threads here until I get convincing information. These distinctions make sense only in a Unix context. Here is a good description of the current state of Linux threads which would be called Kernel Threads in this note. Some information is also available there about Posix threads.

Keykos seems awkward at duplicating the Unix style of thread.

On Solaris “man -s 5 signal” reveals that signals are directed to a process, not a thread and that the kernel may select which threads is to be diverted to the task. Furthermore if this thread is “blocked” on a system call that that call will be aborted. This does not seem like a friendly programming environment. I see no guidence on which calls may block.

I can only imagine the following situation: There is some code that needs to run upon the asynchronous signal. I am at a loss as to why one of the current tasks is commandered to do the job.