The Tymnet adapter (not to be confused with a Tymnet adapter under Tymshare CP) is a program that holds the sole authority {(p2,tba)} to communicate with some Tymnet base. Its only responsibility is to insure that the users of various circuits do not interfere with each other and to provide to the respective circuit users efficient and unrestricted access to the Tymnet circuit. The Tymnet adapter thus multiplexes and demultiplexes the interface between Tymnet and the host.

To see the log of the interface to Tymnet do "OSFLOAD user.systemview.prttymlf PRTTYML 0" and then "EXECUTE PRTTYML". This is a record of troubles at this interface.

See (p2,gtt) about a way to access Gnosis under VM without a dedicated Tymnet base. See (tssc) for most common use of these facilities.

TA supports three kinds of gate which are associated with a particular circuit. They are SIK {(p2,sik)}, SOK {(p2,sok)} and CCK {(p2,cck)}. They originate by the logic described in (p2,newsiksok) and (p2,auxcir) {but most programs can get them only by getting the CCK the logic described in (p2,desttcem) and then using the tap operations on the CCK}.

A circuit can be zapped at the instigation of either Tymnet or the CCK or TBLK key holders. Whatever the cause, the following happens:

{arcane}TLA Factory

Input -- SIK

Output -- SOK

Token Map

Circuit Control Key {CCK}

{arcane}Tymnet Base License Key (TBLK)

{arcane}Tymnet now (24-Sep-81) and Lemcom bases

Circuit Building