{arcane}This key is actually a red segment key that stores some tape information (such as the reel number, default format, capabilities, and label information) and has TAPEKEY as its segment keeper.

TAPEKEYF(kt ==> x'72b')

TAPEKEYF(kt+5;SB,M,AC ==> kt+5;,,,,CO)

CO(0,(n*6,reel) ==>c;TAPEKEY,NODEKEY)

TAPEKEY(0;AC ==> c,(6,volid);TAPEACCESS) Mount tape without ring.

TAPEKEY(1;AC ==> c;TAPEACCESS) Mount tape with ring.

TAPEKEY(2; ==> c) Dismount tape.

TAPEKEY(3; ==> c) Mount next tape

TAPEKEY(4,(1,F^V^U)(2,BLKSIZE)(2,LRECL)(1,DEN); ==> c) set default format.

TAPEKEY(5,(1,capability mask); ==> c;TAPEKEY1) Make rescindable and possibly weakened tape key.

TAPEKEY(6, ==> c;TAPEACCESS) Mount tape unverified without ring. A closely guarded capability.

TAPEKEY(7, ==> c;TAPEACCESS) Mount tape unverified with ring. A closely guarded capability.

TAPEKEY(8;TAPEKEY ==> c) Concatenate tapekeys

TAPEKEY(9 ==> c) set privileged restrictions.

TAPEKEY(10,(1,labeltype),(6,checksum) ==> c) set format

TAPEKEY(11,(n,string) ==>6) Send message to operator

TAPEKEY(kt+4;AC ==> 0) destroy this key and any keys made from it.

TAPEKEY(kt ==> x'02B')