If Gnosis is running under VM, it is possible to put files into the virtual reader of the Gnosis machine. A domain reading cards from the reader could accomplish file transfer (p2,card-reader)

This section describes the uses of this file transfer mechanism.

For file transfers from Gnosis to CMS when running under VM see (p2,printer)

On CMS do the following

On Gnosis do the following

PUNFILE is a program on the TOOLS disk that makes card images out of CMS files. The type of structure that will be built on Gnosis by the domain reading the cards is indicated as an option and appears in the first card punched. RECORD means a record collection and records are truncated to 80 bytes. SEGMENT means that a file transfer segment is built on Gnosis and is useful for modules.

It is polite to make NAME equal to your Gnosis userid and to duplicate the structure and ERASE the copy in USER.PUB.READER