SLOAD Overview

SLOAD will load programs that obey the following simple convention. Any CSECT whose name ends with "1" is a read-only {"code"} section. All other CSECT's are private sections {"psect"s}.

SLOAD will accept one or more TEXT decks and zero or more key or ref key blocks. All the code sections will be loaded read-only starting at zero. All the private sections will be loaded somewhat after that. The sections will be in no particular order.

The result is an l-segment factory {(lseg-fact)} which can be used as the .program of a factory. When the requestor's key is called, the new domain will have private read-write storage for the private sections.

The starting address of the program is taken from the first TEXT deck if possible.

The read-write storage is in the form of a VCSK segment, so you must store into it before using it to receive a parameter string.

When the new domain wants to destroy itself, it should use the procedure in (l-seg-destroy).

Be aware that currently binders cannot be explicitly destroyed.

The calling sequence is:

Deleting the SLOADed object.

SLOAD(kt; ==> X'50F0D';)