Factories and other objects frequently take key parameters {BANK,METER,BANK}. We propose a key that would provide the function of this triplet. Our experience indicates that one such key would often be used several times. One benefit is that initial calls to factory requestor's keys could pass two more keys.

The obvious way to do this is to pass access to a node with the triplet of keys.

I think a better way is to modify the bank design to include a slot that conventionally holds a node key to a meter with the additional rule that the meter is zapped before the rest of the space.

I think that the above is infeasible due to the problems with multiple levels of bank. I think that if we adopt the ideas presented at (p2,crl-fix) then we can provide a new bank call which accepts a node key which arranges that the indicated node will be related by R to the bank. When a bank is requested to zap its saved material {(p2,o64)} it first deletes the related nodes and the nodes related to its progeny.