The following description of each of the supervisor services assumes knowledge of the corresponding OS/VS2 supervisor services, as defined by the IBM publications "OS/VS2 Supervisor Services" and "Macro Instructions" (GC28-0683) and "OS/VS2 Data Management Services" (???).

The completeness of the simulation is described below. Many options of the OS/VS services which do not have meaning under Gnosis are ignored. Options which cannot be simulated will usually cause the SVC to be treated as an unsupported operation, which will result in the domain keeper for the associated program to be invoked, as if the SVC were an invalid operation. The domain keeper may implement the requested function, or may be a debugging tool for the application programmer.

The implementation of the OS simulator is incomplete. Many unanticipated events can cause the simulator to abort its own execution. (p3,osbroke) describes what happens in those situations.

The following OS macros are also supported:

See (ossim-logic,) for the internal logic of ossim.