A VMGROUP maps "user names" onto "suites". A "user name" is an 8 byte string that, for intended uses, should be eight upper case EBCDIC characters, padded to the right with blanks ala CP's user names. A "suite" is a VMCOMM object and a few other keys (....).

Virtual machines may join a "Group". Their virtual machine name is in relation to the group and the group defines which other machines they may communicate with using spool files, messages, VMCF, IUCV etc.

Being in a group is analogous to being in the CP user directory. It does not indicate whether or not the user is "logged on".

VM Group Factory

VM Group Manager's Key

VM Group Internal Key

VMGROUP Record Collection

VM Comm Factory

VM Communication key

CP simulator Group Communication Key

COMMQ - Communication Queue key

VMGIUCVPF - IUCV Path Factory for VM Group

VMGIUCVP - IUCV Path Key for VM Group

VMGVMCFF - VMCF path Factory for VM Group

The Virtual Machine Adaptor

VMGVMCF sender's and receiver's keys