In the Fremont computer centre there are packs GNOSYS and GNO001 that usually hold a running Gnosis system. GNOSYS is to be IPL'd.

The Gnosis I/O configuration is defined by the assembly language module GIOGEN. This module uses special macros to define the I/O configuration that the kernel will run with. It must be assembled with the MACLIBS GGEN, GIOSECTS, and TYM.

The current I/O configuration consists of 10 Tymnet adapters at addresses 020 thru 029 and 8 3330 disk drives available thru channels 1 and 2 at addresses 130 thru 137 or 230 thru 237. The device at 134 or 234 is used by the transfer mechanism.

The username GNOSIS on D45 has the following private disks: