(Added Dec 2017: “page table” should be replaced by “core table” in this branch so as not be be confused with the hardware feature called page table.) To assemble initial item space code "PRELUDE" followed by a collection of nodes, page table entries followed by "POSTLUDE".

To use the primordial space bank, call the macro "PRIMSB1". Then you can write a key to the bank as: PSB1KEY. There is an additional space bank (PRIMSB2) which may be used in place of PRIMSB1. It allocates pages from the disk. See (diskio) and (extmigr).

The file GNOSIS ASSEMBLE has the standard configuration. It uses ITEM MACLIB.

To run with disks assemble in the macro EXTMIGR to include the external migrator in your system. See (diskio) for how to format disks.