A key exists that allows a domain to write messages on the operator's console of the real machine (or VM console). This key attempts to determine the console type and presents different displays according to the console type. For 3215's each line is output to the console when it is received. For 3270 devices a screen image of 20 lines is scrolled and all 20 lines are written to the screen each message.

Special handling is done if the message is null (used to update the console screen periodically to keep the operators aware that Gnosis is running). For a null message only the status line (with a TOD clock value) is updated and written to 3270 devices and for 3215's a status line is output when such a message finds a TOD value of an even 10 minutes.

This key can be found in SYS.CONSOLE after the command file FIRST has been run.

CONSOLE(0,(string) => c)