Background Key - in memory tree (p1,backkey)

Backup - (p2,backup) and (p2,back-up)

BDEVICE - A kernel key to grant and revoke access to a device. (p2,bdevice)

Big Bang ((p3,sysgen)

Binder - (p2,binder)

BINDF - (p2,empty-binder)

Black Segment Node - (p1,blackseg)

Box - A signed and sealed object (p2,box)

Brand - A mark used by domain creators to distinguish their own (p1,d0)

Brander - (p2,dc)

BSCR - Byte Stream Creator (p2,bscr)

BSLOADER - (p2,bsload)

BSLOADF - Bootstrap loader factory (p2,bsloadf)

BSTSCC - Byte Stream to Segment Converter Creator (p2,bstscc)

Builder's key - (to a factory) (p2,bf)

Busy - State of a domain. A new process may not enter a busy domain. (p1,dsterm)

BWAIT - (p2,bwait)

Byte Stream Creator - initiates co-routines (p2,bscr)

Byte Stream Factory - New name for the Byte Stream Creator (p2,bscr)

Byte Stream Monitor (p2,bsm)

Byte Stream Multiplexor - (p2,mult)

Byte Stream producer/consumer - (p3,bytstream)

Byte Stream to Segment Converter Creator (p2,bstscc)