Data Byte of Key - A part of a key whose use depends entirely on the key type. (p1,databyte)

Data Byte Extender - (formative,dbec). See (p3,one-node)) for better function.

Data Key - Type of key. Purpose is to hold a little data. (p1,datakeyintro) (p2,freadat)

Data Key Creator - (p2,datac)

DBW - Macro keyword for data byte reception (dbw)

DCC - Domain Creator Creator (p2,dcc)

DDT - Debugging Tool (p2,ddt)

DDTF - DDT factory (p2,ddtf)

DEBUG - Builds a DDT on a domain (p2,debug)

Decongester Tool - (p2,decongtool)

Define Device (for CP simulator) (cpsim-definedevice)

Deflator - (inf)

Delete (key in a slot) - Replace by zero data key.

Depending on Meters - (p1,depmet)

DERRORLOG - Domain error logging key (p3,derrorlog)

DERRORWAIT - Domain Error wait key (p3,derrorwait)

DES - (des)

Designate - A relation between a key and a page or node. (p1,designate)

DEVALOC - A higher level device allocation facility. (p2,devaloc)

DEVALOCF (p2,devalloc) the Device allocator factory key

DEVDVRF - A factory to be called for a new device driver (p2,devdvrf)

Device Allocator Facility (p2,device-allocator) a facility for management of devices

Device Allocator Key - (For Kernel defined keys) (p2,bdevice)

Device Key - (p2,devicekey)

DIAGNOSE 8 - A CP facility (p2,diag8)

Diode - A channel for passing data just one way (diode)

Disabled wait state PSWs - (dwpsw)

Discreet Objects - (p3,do)

DISCRIM - A key to discriminate among other keys (p2,discrim)

Distributer - (dist)

DK(n) - A data key whose data body is n (p1,datakeyintro)

DKC - Data Key Creator (p2,datac)

Domain - Vessel for Process (p1,domainintro) & (p1,domain)

Domain Annex - (p1,realdom)

Domain creator - (p2,dc)

Domain creator creator - (p2,dcc)

Domain Keeper - (p1,d2)

Domain Key - (p2,domkey)

Domain Root - Part of Domain (p1,domroot)

Domain Server - A conceptual Figment (p1,domserv)

Domain Tool - For real domain builders (p2,mkdomk)

Dump Collector - To collect Kernel dumps (p2,cdump)

Durability - (last)