EDIT - The edit command (p3,edit)

EDIT - The edit a file factory (p2,edit)

EDITF - Editor Factory (p2,editf)

Editor - (p2,editor)

Egg - Old term for factory (p2,factory)

Empty Slot - Slot holding a zero data key. (p1,nodeintro)

Entry Block - (p1,entryblock)

Entry Key - Old name for start key q.v.

Entry Monitor (p2,entrymon)

ERASE command to get rid of things (p3,erase)

Error Key - Ultimate Doom Key (p2,errkey)

Error Logging - (p3,erep)

Escrow - (escrow)

ESTONSC - (p2,estonsc)

EXECUTE - A command to invoke some OS style objects (execute)

Exit Block - (p1,howjump)

Exit Key - Old term for Resume Key {(p1,exit)}

Explicit Jump - A jump caused by an SVC FD thru FF. (p1,exjump)

Export Import ideas - (eximport)

Export, a CMS command - (ixport)

Extended Jump Protocol - to allow many keys and much data (ejp:wg)