Facade - (p2,facade)

Facilities - General: (plipack-ext-facil), Specific: (facil).

Facilities - S/370 facilities required: (facilities)

Factory - Producer of discreet objects (p2,factory)

FACTORY - command to build factories -(p3,factorycmd)

FACTORYC - Factory Creator (p2,factoryc)

Failure Notification Conventions - (p3,notify)

Fault Key - a resume key produced for segment keepers that can cause a fault in the referencing program (p1,faultexit)

Fetch Key - (p2,fetch), (p1,segmodekey)

FGRCV - GRCV Factory (p2,fgrcv)

Filedef - Define Gnosis objects of OS simulation.

File Transfer Facilities - between Hosts - (p2,file-transfer)

File Transfer Segment - (p2,record-file-format)

Fluent IO - (fluent)

Force Checkpoint restricted primary key (p2,checkpoint)

Fork - Type of key invocation (p1,fork)

FORK - Command in Command system (fork)

Format Key - Part of a Red Segment Node (p1,redseg)

FORTRAN programming facilities - (p3,fortranf)

Fresh Segment - {obsolete name} An initially zero segment (p2,fs)

Front End - To make domains reentrant (p3,front-end)

FSC - Fresh Segment Creator (p2,fsc)

Full Screen Tape operator (p3,fstapop)

FUNNEL - Labeled merge of SOK keys (p2,funnel)