MACCVT - CMS to Gnosis library conversion facility (p2,maccvt)

Macros - (p3,macros)

Mail - (p2,pubdirec)

Malformed Domain - (p1,malform)

Material - Nodes and Pages

Memory Key - Page or Segmode key (p1,memkey)

Memory Tree Root - Part of domain that defines the addresses of the program therein (p1,d3)

Meter - construct to measure and limit resources (p1,meterintro) & (p1,meter)

Meter Controller (METCTL) - (p2,meter-ctl)

Meter Keeper - (p1,metgate)

Meter Monitor (METMON) - (p2,metmon)

MKEEPERC - A Simple meter keeper (p2,mkeeperc)

Meter Key - Capability to expend resources (p1,meterkey)

Migrate - Part of checkpointing (p2,migrate)

Mini-Page - (p2,mpage)

Miscellaneous Keys - Keys that do not designate pages or nodes (p2,misceldef), (p2,miscel) & (p2,resprim)

Module - Place to hold source and object programs (formative,module)

Money Object - (p2,mo)

Monitor Instructions - (p1,monitorinst)

Monitors - (p3,bhmonitor)

Multiplex Meter - (p3,muxmet)