Page Key - Capability to a page (p1,page), (p1,pageref) & (p2,pagekey)

Page Version- A proposal (pv)

Parameter Page - Jumpee's place to accept argument string (p1,pstring)

PCSF - Primitive Command System Factory (p2,cmdsysfact)

PDDTC - Peek DDT Creator (p2,pddtc)

PEEK - (p2,peek)

PER - Program Event Recording - (p1,progevents)

Performance - (speed)

Pipe Fitter - (p2,bscr)

Pit Falls - (pits)

PLIFACT - A factory of compiler objects (p2,pliopt)

PLILINK - A CMS tool for building Gnosis PL/I programs (plilink)

PLILOAD - (pliload)

PL/I programming - (p3,pli)

PLIPACKER - (preamble)

PLISTACK - A DDT command for the PL/I environment (plistack)

POP - IBM System/370 Principles of Operation; order number GA22-7000.

PPMAP - (ppmap)

Preamble - PL/I support (preamble)

Pricing mechanisms - (p3,price)

Primary Key - A key that is not a gate. (p2,primary)

Primitive Command System Factory - (p2,cmdsysfact)

Primordial Meter - (p1,vmeter)

Printer Driver and Queue Mechanism - (p2,printer)

Priority idea - (p1,priority)

Priv Node - A guarded node with the keys to the kingdom (p2,privnode)

Process - (p1,process)

Producing - State of a co-routine (<p3,<procom>)

Program Event - (p1,progevents)

Program Interruptions - (p1,progint)

Prompt - (p3,prompt)

Protocol conversion - (p2,converters)

PROTCC - (p2,protcc)

PSW - (p1,d4)

PSW Values for broken kernels - (dwpsw)