Range Key - (p2,rangekey)

RCC - Record Collection Creator (p2,rcc)

Read Only - (p1,robit)

Ready - State of a domain. Obsolete term for "Available"

Realtime - Facilities for realtime processing (p2,krealtime), (p2,brealtime)

Receptionist - Answers the Phone (p2,receptionist)

RECEPF - (p2,recepf)

Record Collections - (p2,rc)

Record Collection Creator - (p2,rcc)

Record Stream Protocol - (p3,srs)

Red Segment Node - (p1,redseg)

Red Segment Key - A segment key with ssc=0 (p1,redssc)

Reference Monitor - (p3,ref-mon)

RefKey - Binder facility (p2,refkeyd)

Regime - (p3,sub-regime) & (p3,do)

Registry - a directory service (p2,registry)

REGISTRYC - a registry creator (p2,registryc)

Repair Service - (p2,repair)

Restart Key - An resume key that may only restart (not trap) a domain. Made for meter keepers (p1,restexit)

Restarting Gnosis (from checkpoint) - (p1,checkpoint)

Resume Key - A capability to return (p1,exit)

RETR - (p2,retner)

Return - Type of key invocation (p1,return)

Return Code - Order code used with Return Key

Return Key - An Resume key via which answers may be returned (p1,retexit)

Returner - (p2,retner)

Revokation - (revoke)

RFRSCC - (p2,rfrscc)

Rights Amplification - Hydra term. Somewhat like our synergism. (p1,synergism)

Running - State of a domain with a process (p1,dsterm)