DIAG8(C+Ix,(command arguments)==>rc,(CP-response))

These orders cause the kernel to issue a DIAGNOSE 8 with a string which is the concatenation of a command from the table below and the provided command arguments. All characters of the command arguments must exceed hex 3F.

C is either 0 or 256. If C=256 then the DIAGNOSE is done so as to return CP's response to the kernel which returns it to the key invoker. Only the first 4K bytes of the response are available this way. If C=0 then the response goes to the terminal and CP-response = ''.

rc = kt+2 unless order is valid. rc = kt+3 unless length of concatenated command <= 240 and each character in the string is greater than hex 3F. rc=-1 if the machine under the kernel is not virtual. rc=-2 if the response length is greater than 4K, in which case CP-response is the first 4K. Otherwise rc is the "Ry value" from the diagnose.

DIAG8(kt==>0E09). See (cpm) for access to the key.