General Points

SBT(0;B==>c;) {"verify"}.

SBT(kt;==>c;) returns X'040C' in c.

In all the operations below, if B1 is not an official space bank, c will be 3. If the operation is successful, c will be 0 and B3 will be the only key to a new official space bank. Account AC will pay rent for the new bank until the bank is destroyed. The bank will be destroyed as soon as AC is either exhausted or not an account. {The bank can also be destroyed explicitly.} A prompt bank remains prompt when destroyed. Unless otherwise specified, the new bank will be prompt iff B1 is. B3 has destroy and query rights.

SBT(1,((4,lower_node_limit), (4,upper_node_limit), (4,lower_page_limit), (4,upper_page_limit));B1,,AC==>c;B3) {"select subrange"}.

SBT(2;B1,,AC==>c;B3,,G) {"guard only"}.

{ni}SBT(3;B1,B2,AC==>c;B3) {"amalgamate"}.

{ni}SBT(4;B1,E,AC==>c;B3) {"divert error return"}.

SBT(5,((4,node_limit), (4,page_limit));B1,,AC==>c;B3) {"limit space"}.

{ni}SBT(6,((4,node_price), (4,page_price));B1,T,AC==>c;B3) {"account for space"}.

{ni}SBT(7,((4,node_limit), (4,page_limit));B1,,AC==>c;B3) {"limit gratis space"}.

{ni}SBT(8,((4,node_price), (4,page_price));B1,T,AC==>c;B3) {"account for gratis space"}.

{ni}SBT(9;B1,AC2,AC==>c;B3) {"pre-pay"}.