{"install sensory component"} After BF(n,(4,addr);S==>c;) where 0 <= n <= 18 either:

{"install factory as component"} After BF(32+n,(4,addr) ;RF==>c;) where 0 <= n <= 18 either:

{"install .hole as component"} After BF(128+n,(4,addr);S ==>c;) where 0 <= n <= 18 either:

{"assign requestor-type"} BF(64,((4,x));==>0;) changes the requestor-type of F to x.

{"assign ordinal"} BF(65,((4,x));==>0;) changes the ordinal of F to x.

{"complete factory"} BF(66;==>0;RF,FKF) produces a requestor's key RF to F and a fetcher key FKF to F and makes F complete if it wasn't already. If component 17 (_program) has never been installed then RF will also be a fetcher key {to support programs that were designed for an older factory design}.

{"create copy key"} BF(67;==>0;CF) produces a copy key CF to the factory {(cf)}.

{"get domain creator"}BF(69;==>0;DC) returns DC, BF's domain creator.

{"get miscellaneous"} After BF(96+n; ==>c,((4,sa), (4,at), (3,f), (1,f), (4,ord)) ;C) where 0 <= n <= 18

{"destroy factory"} BF(kt+4;==>c;)