These are some notes on languages. The design of Keykos draws much from language design. E is a language built from ground up with these ideas in mind.

Parameters as Capabilities
Pointers as Capabilities
Some comments on type checking.
Scheme as a capability system
Scheme and the Factory
Voting for Restaurants
Scope <---> Security
The Attenuation Pattern
Promoting Locations to Cells
Notes on a Java Security paper
Browser Scope Grief


Mark Miller’s cap language page.
Some security properties of languages
Stiegler Exploits OO
Significant notes by Mark Miller

Some old good stuff

Mark miller has found some stuff that should have influenced Keykos but didn’t.

Morris’s 1973 Protection in Programming Languages has just the perspective that we push here. I think that eval is needed to bind identifiers in program text to a set of values. Then Morris could have built the factory. Morris refers to the language 1968 PAL from which Charlie Landau would bring ideas. (Charlie contributed to the Keykos architecture.)

See too this which has more such ideas.