KWIC for Perimeter

Perimeter is originally and often about the boundary of some physical space in which hardware is safe from malicious tampering.
  • Security Perimeter s
  • ‘Trusted network’ may sound paradoxical, but a PCIe network may extend only inches, well within some security perimeters.

    Another sense is a collection of objects holding mainly caps to other objects in the collection. Code that invokes caps to objects outside the perimeter have special security duties. Code that interprets messages delivered by caps outside the perimeter have similar duties.

  • Just now I want to imagine a notion of perimeter, not of screen space, or physical space, or campus space, but of social space.
  • The Perimeter
  • The perimeter drawn graphically may be a strategic part of the solution.
  • perimeter security (applets, firewalls)
  • Suppose that we have a centralized authentication server (AS) that has the function of authenticating things (usually persons) outside some perimeter to application code within the perimeter.

    Perhaps the idea pertains to the screen too.

  • The code would be more complex due to the special security rules regarding perimeters of visible pixels.

    See ‘perimeter’ transmogrified:

  • A technology to extend the perimeter of a private network to remote locals using encrypted circuits.

    Here we see the value of keeping the idea vague.

  • Documents can arrive at the apartment from Q and be opened there as safely as if the apartment were within Q’s security perimeter.