This is a scenario that I think is quite feasible.

Some points

The computer on which this runs is open in that you are on the same footing as Disney: Indeed you can evict the peddler but he cannot evict you.
The peddler has decided to trust the manufacturer of the processor chip in your computer and also some glue between your computer’s RAM and most of your PC cards.


Then your code can safely come to my computer and wield any authority I choose to give it. You may package your code so that I can’t do anything but let it execute on my machine.

This is approximately what some of Microsoft’s developers of NGSCB describe. I don’t know that they speak for the company. Together MS and Intel are in a position to ruin computers, but they already have been in that position for quite a few years.

Amazon Faces a Fight Over Its E-Books—1984 call back.


There are possibly fatal flaws in all of this: The second point is especially relevant to canned performances such as today’s movies.