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Synergy thru Types

Carl Hewitt speaks of type encryption. I do not understand the details of how encryption solves this problem in the context of communications, but after a recent conversation with him I believe that his goal is the same as the sealed box of Morris. I share that goal. The Keykos brand is a suitable primitive on a single computer and that function must be available in distributed applications for the same reason. I propose the show that normal capability transmission achieves this goal based on those capabilities that involved providing local synergy.

First I describe how “types” get into the picture. The first computer language that made this idea clear to me was Lampson’s et al’s Euclid. Euclid’s syntax for introducing identifiers to denote types included the optional reserved word “new”. If I said that type lli = long long int because I am lazy, then lli is a new name for an old type. If, however, I say type myint = new int I have created a new type which is implemented the same way that an int is.