I would think on this page that it would not be crazy to make references Docker Which has similar ideas, but of course it's relying on millions of lines of code and hard to take seriously. But, it has incredible market penetration, so critiquing it would not be unreasonable.

Qubes OS
This one is using Xen to create isolated compartments. I have not actually used it, but Shawn has. He was just telling me that the day to day usability of Qubes is not that great. Apparently, it's hard to cut and paste between different applications, for example. (Note: this is an example of the pressure legacy systems impose!) Also, Xen has had a number of serious security problems over the years. A significant part of my last week was consumed by some of those problems. (It's puzzling that Xen would have these problems because it's really not that complicated a thing, or was not the last time I checked.)

XX mentioned this OS, which seems pretty relevant to what you are thinking about: Google’s Fuchsia

I don't know much about it, though.

There's also (according to XX) something called Genode. I think it would be a good to explain why these things are inferior to your approach. (And I believe they are wildly inferior!)