Who am I?

Norman Hardy.
Graduated from U.C. Berkeley in 1955 — math and physics.

Went to Livermore because they had the biggest and newest computers.
Did physics and math there and then a timesharing system for the CDC 6600, styled after MIT’s CTSS. I had an awful lot of help.

Silicon Valley was beginning to bubble in 1966 and I went first to IBM’s ACS project. That folded up and I joined Tymshare which was a new small timesharing company. I worked there on Operating systems and Tymnet. We began the Keykos project there.

Tymshare investors decided that the new personal computer doomed their business model and wound down the profitable company. We bailed out of Tymshare and started KeyLogic and continued working on Keykos. We did some OS contracts but too often heard:

I think we then came across as proposing to boil the ocean. We got encouraging noises from NCSC (out of NSA) but the government market was uncertain.