• There is a fringe of architects in Silicon valley (and elsewhere!) who think that computer security is feasible.
  • There is an even smaller fringe who think a useful subgoal is possible in the fairly short term—a few years.
  • This is not a Manhattan project.
  • The kindling is there to start a fire; it needs to be organized, and incidentally funded.

    Caveats: (negative bullets)

  • There is some mixing of ideas to be done. The path forward is there, but forked.
  • There is considerable invention to be done, of a novel but not a fundamental sort. It is the sort of invention that any programmer does when confronted with a novel problem. Programmers will find this novel because they are not accustomed to having the tools to solve such problems. The tools exist but are not suitably deployed.
  • Such products will not be widely sought after by the typical iPhone customer. Apple won’t put this in all their phones, at least at first.