Comments on this.

A minor quibble. That there were computers at all in the 50’s so greatly exploded the “adjacent possible” that programmers would have proliferated even if the computers had not since improved by 6 orders of magnitude. With that and a like decrease in cost we have a revolution that is only beginning to come into focus. We ain’t seen nothin yet. On the other hand Chip’s text should be tuned for strategic impact in his note. Perhaps I am wrong but I think that the answer has always been of the form: “but if we make ‘auto-run’ the default then there are these cases where the user needs one less click.” This is dumb and not from programmers but from someone with an implicit theory of what is happening in the user’s head. They hope the user will stumble onto the right action and removing steps is of infinite value. Well said. The engineers were mostly of the mind that all of the code in sight is devoted to doing the right thing. Only occasionally would they check to see if the incoming message was according to specs. Most of those checks were to avoid innocent errors introduced by the telco. ITS was proud of the fact that they did not have passwords. Well I have a proposal for less than the whole ocean. I have a forth, somewhat orthogonal thrust. I want to meet Mark on the way up, and get some early returns in the meantime.