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Britain will strike back at foreign cyberthreat 2016 Nov 1 02:15 GMT. (£2bn)
front page NY Times (suggestions of Armageddon)
New York Times 2016 Nov 26:
How Russia Recruited Elite Hackers for Its Cyberwar
Behind Russia’s Cyber Strategy
Shape of the new exploits market Why do browsers have access to e-mail, audio, SMS, etc?

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Not all of the attacks described in this article are immediately addressed by the project I propose, but most of them are made considerably more difficult and some are stopped outright. Phishing will still be there but passwords should no longer be the target. Our project does not address a personal smart phone being substituted while the user sleeps in a hotel room. It is not hard to imagine that some in the DNC would carry a smartphone that was able to vouch for the fact that it was the FBI calling. I don’t know what the politics would be but the technology is not difficult.

On this article

which warns of ‘tanking the tech industry’.

I think that that is hyperbolic but it does suggest that some attention to the issue is warranted here in Silicon Valley—perhaps more than merely upping the budget for finding security bugs a bit.