Googling “Proactive Cyber Defense”

Proactive Cyber Defense: “'Proactive' is often used to hype marketing of security products or programs, in much the same way that "extreme" or "quality" adjectives have been misused.” The article describes some proposed government plans for what I would call “proactive cyber offence” under the rubric P2OG. Not much has been heard of P2OG since 2002.
some 1994 thrust: National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace
Integrated Adaptive Cyber Defense.
“IACD of NSA and Homeland security” seems to have a charter to seek solutions to the problems we address.

Wende Peters JHU applied physics lab.
As I listen to this audio it is clear that the technology used by the defenders is reactive, not proactive.
She speaks of the goal of detecting the attack in real time, not preventing it. To be fair “proactive” appears in the URL but not the speech.
Integrated Adaptive Cyber Defense IACD

Information Assurance and Cyber Defense Resources;
Same initials, different name, similar thrust
Includes a list of government ‘cyber security’ ‘activities’.

A “CYBER Defense” magazine.
Cyber Defence Review
We need to decipher this!