An encrypted e-mail package

In this spirit

I want to collect messages from and to others. I want messages to facilely include public keys in text just as html hyperlinks include URLs in text. I will call these crypto-links for this note.

I want to group messages by:

Messages should be addressed to a public key, the same key by which it is enciphered, and some subsidiary function, the mailman, should be in charge of choosing an e-mail address, or other conveyance, depending on the public key, with which to transport the message.

Key Management

I want to attach text to a key pair that I produce. I want text to include public keys as mail above. I want to keep notes about public keys of which I am aware.

User Interface

I want to move the mouse over a crypto-link and get options to:

This presumes an interchange format that embeds public keys clearly yet unobtrusively in text, like hyperlinks.

And of course I want this on a secure platform!

The RĂ´le of Names

I have conspicuously ignored how conventional names fit with these ideas. I propose that they play no role in the formal reasoning but are replaced by the public keys. They may form the visible text portion of a crypto link. When gathering available documents that mention some specific public key, I would expect to see those visible portions that accompany the crypto-link.