Prius Models

Each of the following has useful information. Each is a model of the Prius and omits information, as good models should.

model 1

Block Diagram includes power ratings but omits the wheels!

model 2

This is a coherent description of the Power Split Device. The animated nomograph at the bottom presumably gives the numbers. MG2 (as the text says obliquely) is where the wheels are attached. This and other pages err in calling this a continuously variable transmission. I have no quarrel with the page except for this terminology. This model omits the power ratings which are given in model 1.

I think that MG2 (Motor generator 2) of model 2 corresponds to the 50 kW MG of model 1. This explains the purpose of MG1 which is needed to charge the battery using the engine when the wheels are not turning.

model 3

This page traces the confusion over “Continuously Variable Transmission” to Toyota and explains the classic terminology with which Toyota’s conflicts.

In this page there are the formulae

MG1 = 3.6 * ICE - 2.6 * MG2
MG2 = 59.1 * MPH

where MG1, MG2 and ICE are rotations per minute.

General Information

Wikipedia, diagram