The figure here depicts one of the six Platonic polyhedra of four dimensions. The two dimensions of the image are two of the four dimensions of the polyhedron. The other two dimensions of the figure control the color. Clicking in one of the 16 small squares below the image rotates the polyhedron in four dimensions. Each square chooses a different pair of axses. Click on the “Bang” button to get two resizable images of the figure, and a remote control. These two images are projections into orthogonal planes in four space. This kind of orthoganality is peculiar to four dimensions. The Beta image uses the same coordinates to control color and location in the image. Much of the information to do this program came from H.S.M. Coxeter’s “Regular Polytopes” published by Macmillian. Java Source: R4, p600,
Test by
javac appletviewer x.html
The file x.html has content:
<object width=500 height=500>
  <param name=code value=R4.class>
  <param name=codebase value=.>
as per this page.
Further clues
jar files

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