I mention a few things that I think are Mac specific: On either system I assume that there is no CLASSPATH environmental value. The shell command “echo $CLASSPATH” should yield only a blank line. If this is inconvenient then changing “java ” to “java -cp . ” in the shell commands should make the demos work.

The following seems to work on one Linux box (don’t forget h.h):

javac cim.java
gcc fft.c -O3 -c -Wall
gcc ft.c -O3 -Wall -c
gcc man.c fft.o ft.o -O3 -o trans -Wall -lm -pthread
java j2b th.jpg out.bma
./trans nop out.bma outt.bma 8
java b2j outt.bma outt.jpg
I have no idea how to see the pixels in outt.jpg on Linux. Presumably any browser will display the file.

I would be glad to hear of and report other difficulties here.