Network Notes at this Site

Several notes on Tymnet
DSR: Outlines of an Agoric network architecture
Active Networks supporting itinerant code, and with DSR
Admonitions vs. Incentives
An attack on DNS
Some Network Economics.
X.25 & Statistical Multiplexing
Network Neutrality 1, 2
Transmitting digital movies to theaters
Cell Phone technology pointers
Connecting Smart Phones
New iPhone
Snapshot (2000) of DSL providers
Network design tradeoff vulnerability—Thoughts on Routing Protocols
Review of “Routing in the Internet”
Network topology and routing
PCIe is a network of sorts.
Hub, Bridge, Switch, Router
Groping the Internet stream
Groping the Internet
Lambda Switch
The 1970 computer terminal
Snapshot of 1977 network companies
Nascent Network Nexus & more
My Active network scheme
Code style for processing character streams
Pointers to RSVP stuff
Web: Simple CGI
E-mail continuity during IP address switch
Notes on SONET research
Notes on fluid network traffic
Fluent IO
Fibers & Sewers
Pure Optical Networks considered Harmful
General notes on sending capabilities on wires.
Netscape and SSL, and more
Whether the ‘store’ in ‘store and forward’ is necessary.
Flow Control or Back-pressure
Error Control over Multiple Links
Two phantasmogoric networks, Glassnet and Digital Silk Road
Glassnet: A network with integrity but no secrecy.
Reconnoitering XPath
Tcpdump lore
Regulation Dilemma
OSI Reference Model
Fire with Fire
Hacking U-verse

A whole section on Digital Silk Road and many notes on how to employ networks in a capability context.