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Several important network with bias towards “packet switched”;
TLDs; DNS roots
Active Networks; ATM: Indiana; Cellware GmbH; CMU
DSL: Standards; Nexus, Mini-RAM = NGDLC = local DSLAM
Cable modems, where
Internet: RFCs; map from IP addr to entity, IANA
RSVP[ Wikipedia; standards], Diff Serv; SIP; another SIP; MPLS (too)
Network Companies; Mobile IP; Stefferud’s pointers;
Fiber Capacity according to FCC; global prices
Trans Atlantic Capacity; Unity cable consortium (Google); Asia Pacific Gateway Cable Consortium;
Asian fiber news

Berkeley projects; Iceberg, Ninja
Mediators for spelling, and more.
Cache servers: Akamai, Now dead: (Edgix, SkyCache, iBeam)
Filter for Browser: Muffin
Internet History
Home wireless: HomeRF, Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance
Seems like 802.11 specs.
Cell phone technologies, OSes
History of Mother Bell
Networks in Sewers
Standard Port Numbers
New Internet

CIDR Report
Mozilla innards
Network neutrality
WHOIS ICANN; dnsstuff
down for everyone?
Fast geographically distributed networks: Lambda Rail, Internet 2
Where am I IP address geo location, Hurricane (all sort of real-time network information)

Low Earth Orbit phone services: [ Iridium; GlobalStar; Teledesic (kaput)], Geosynchronous: [ Thuraya and others]

Wire Tapping “Communications Surveillance: Privacy and Security at Risk”
The first networks
Clean Slate
DSL services
Network Vulnerabilities
An NSF Initiative
Free Network Project
ITU Global View
Blacklist Central?
Gigacom How do I appear?

“Internet-Wide Catastrophe”, After DNS problem, Chinese root server is shut down
China Access; Fire Wall test; too; Great Wall

InfiniBand Scuttlebut Who is Near