I think that LISP like languages (like OCaml) suit top down programmers. Actually they are good for all sorts of problems. They match the ‘chunking’ of humans better than other languages. LISP, Scheme but not OCaml can trivially create programs. A significant part of our DNA builds the brain. The information in our DNA is somewhat less than that in Windows, even after compression I think. A great deal of the DNA information is devoted to
  1. embodiment
  2. Proprioception?
  3. several emotions
  4. survival in the jungle
  5. Visual cortex
  6. Auditory
  7. Olfactory
  8. Speech (Wernicke, Broca)
  9. Innate gramar (Chomsky)
  10. Logic
  11. Mirror neurons
The stuff you are born with. Early AI’s can do without much of this stuff.