Three books come to mind just now that I can characterize as follows: The three that I am thinking about are: There are a few exemplary text books that might be added here but I have not studied them from this perspective.

Anecdotes on Each Book

I skimmed thru Symbolic logic which seemed to me like a fluffy book but interesting and easy to read. Over the next few years I would frequently come across a difficult paper only to realize that I already knew the material from Fitch’s book where it had been presented very clearly and had not seemed obscure.

While in school in Berkeley Benson Mates assembled a seminar nitpicking Quine’s book in minute detail. One purpose was to formalize a bit further Quine’s logic. We found and easily fixed a couple of bugs in his proofs. Quine’s book is the best book I know on being rigorous while brief without introducing much notation beyond the formal mathematical logic which was the subject mater. He defined a few technical terms using normal English, but with rigor.