Some time ago I entered some minimal information about myself in the LinkedIn system. Gradually several interesting and valued friends invited me to join their respective links. I have not responded for I am reticent to have organizations manage my relationships. I do not have a very logical reason for this reticence—it is a sense of keeping my privacy from organizations. In retrospect I am now surprised that I introduced myself to LinkedIn.

I read their privacy page just now and was impressed. It is long, only slightly redundant and covers many technical but relevant details. The information was unusually clearly presented. There were no surprises.

A recent addition spells out the danger that would arise if they sold their assets, which would include the personal data base. They describe what I would expect. It is perhaps impossible for them to promise that the data would not be transferred as that might contravene share holder trust or even fiduciary responsibility. In any case I have not heard of any company making such a promise. It is rare, I suspect, to even mention it in a privacy page.

I think I will respond to a few of the invitations on the promise that I can back out later.