Lee reports that “radically situated” is found in “Is Quantum Theory Possible?”. That sounds like “lit-crit” jargon which is a favorite bête noir which we like to make fun of. I Googled “radically situated” and this page was high on the list. It is about political theory which is not far afield from lit-crit. Looking for whatever sense might be attached to “radically situated” I began to read the page. It made some curious sense. I have never understood why people thought there were values aside from individualism and Sachs appears to dissect some theories that are antagonistic towards individualism.

My mind soon wandered to the issue of emergent phenomena. The page seems to be a logical analysis of something that I take to be the emergent phenomena of human values. The particular issue is “Are emergent phenomena ‘real’?”. I claim that situations in the universe arise that are better understood by reasoning about things larger than elementary particles. Whether those situations are ‘real’ does not otherwise interest me. That one can reason about them as emergent phenomena does.