I heard this talk by John Searle (2012 Jan 20) and was much impressed. I agreed with everything he said in the first 53 minutes of his 54 minute talk. Indeed he organized my ideas better than I have. He also suggested a few ideas that seem novel and useful to me, but he also stimulated me to record here where I differ.

Searle identifies with his specific neurons much more than with what those neurons, by their nature, do. I find that reasonable but I identify with what they do. Perhaps my bias is that I professionally produce programs not circuits. Perhaps it is because I have a freezer contract.
I suspect that he and I might nearly agree on what it means to be an explanation of consciousness, and that it is by no means hopeless.

Is a process real?

When is a simulation of something equivalent to that thing?

Similarities between Computers and Consciousness

Computers like Brains?

Free Will and Determinism