Wikipedia Note in the discussion section of that article debate on whether “self-awareness” is beyond the scope of consciousness.
Elements commonly ascribed to ‘consciousness’:


Science has turned its attention to consciousness once again after about a century of neglect. Here are some notes. Here is an article that suggests three words that might be profitably distinguished: The phrase “spotlight of attention” may evoke useful notions; it is perhaps the highest from of consciousness.

When the lights are turned off unexpectedly we are able to answer some subsequent questions, but not others, about the scene that we thought we were entirely aware of. Sometimes it is quite surprising what we cannot answer. There are interesting examples in both the psychological literature and also the popular press where the reader is asked to look closely at some picture, turn the page and then answer questions about what was in the picture. From these I conclude that when one is looking at the picture one ‘sizes up the scene’ and feels confident that he is prepared to answer detailed questions about the scene very quickly. This is in fact true while the image remains available. When the page is turned, or the lights go out, many surprising questions become unanswerable. I suppose that the ‘sizing up’ process amounts to something like building an index of what is in the picture. The index lets one look quickly at a particular relevant part of the image to answer a new question.

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