I am a rank beginner concerning Android or any smart phone software system. I collect here bits and pieces that bear on this project.

I see from pages on IBinder and Binder that some large class of objects are presumed to offer a method to serialize and deserialize themselves. Keykos went the other way and at several points relies on the non serializability of objects. There are two compromises, neither of which is likely to dissipate the conflict:

With networks of objects the semantics of serialization are unclear. I need to see the purposes to which this is put.


I like the license that Android has chosen. It is favorable on it face to projects like this, and also suitable for wide spread inspection. The course that I imagine just now would not soon lead to meeting the Android Compatibility requirements for reasons which the developers of those requirements foresaw. The new system must be incompatible at the user interface in order to achieve the security function that I think is needed. On a longer term I imagine one of two outcomes: I don’t know whether Google or application developers have tried to design barriers to running approved apps on other than conforming platforms. I suspect not. I would hope to provide an apartment style object that accepts Android apps in the native Android format. I would hope to respect and duplicate any mechanisms to protect proprietary apps.


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