For Racket Users

You may know more about racket than I but this version of fileVal should serve the repository for the Racket system. I cannot vouch for the safety of such a system for it seems to be designed in the “more is better” camp. It seems to run each of the 20 or so small repository tests that I have tried.

For Racket version 6.1.1 I launch the Mac application and get a window with an upper and a lower pane. The upper pane is editable and is designed to hold a Scheme program. The “Run” button runs the program and output from Scheme functions ‘write’ and ‘display’ appear in the lower pane. If you open file fileVal.racket (Menu > File > Open… ) and click “Run” then the expression “(fileVal "moduleName")” yields the value of the first Scheme expression in the file “/Users/norm/” on your computer. Of course you must probably modify at least the green part of the directory name above as it appears in your copy of fileVal. You can type expressions into the lower pane and their value will be reported but you should better type “(write exp)” than “exp” to see the value of exp. Try both; its safe. Here is the content of my repository, with descriptions here. You can also include your program just before the right most paren of the content of fileVal.

Good luck.