How to use this repository

My Scheme programs sometimes rely on language features described here.

The routine fileVal expects to read files from some particular directory on your machine referred to here as the repository. The path name of the repository is built into the source for fileVal (or here) and is the value of the Scheme variable rep. Change the definition of rep in fileVal to locate your repository. The contents of my current version of that directory is in this zip file (built thus). Unless you know better magic than I unzipping this file (unzip will produce the repository directory in the current directory and name it “repository” even if you have renamed the zip file.

Alternatively you may find it satisfactory to textually replace (fileVal "name") by the text of the first Scheme expression in the file at You may have to repeat this a few times.
You may need (define (ylppa a b) (apply b a)). All this means very nearly the same thing especially with the code in my repository.

I have checked these modules out with MzScheme with Scheme 5, or R5RS. MzScheme 372

On my Mac I download the file mz-372-bin-i386-osx-mac.dmg and double click it. That opens a Finder window on a virtual read-only disk. Open the folder ‘MzScheme v372’ therein, open bin, and then launch ‘mzscheme’. That opens a terminal window thru which you can interact with a Scheme Read-Eval-Print-loop. Note that double clicking a parenthesis there selects the text between that and the matching paren, including the parens.

I use TextWrangler to edit Scheme programs. It matches parens too.
Preferences > Text Encodings > Default text encoding for new documents > Unicode (UTF-8)